Sunday, September 02, 2007

My that was quick....

Well well well, it seems that Mr Colin Read, got his comeuppance quicker than expected, the Mail, (who had the courage to print his photo, and his place of work in the original article)has followed up on the case, and report that he has been sacked by LEK management consultants.

Now I usually wouldn't want nor do I like "witch hunts", but in this instance I believe that it is warranted and justified, and I thank the Mail for these articles.

My main contention is that this young bully and thug, should have been charged with more serious offenses, and that he should have been jailed, for I believe that these attacks on his wife warranted a jail term. Far too often we discover that those men who beat their wives are in effect, just simply cowards, who use violence to either get their own way or use it as a way to prove their superiority over their victim.

The fact that he has been sacked does not let the judge, who let this man walk free, 0ff the hook, I still say he should be castrated or horse whipped. Maybe a better idea would be to educate him as to the realities of domestic violence, the way it scars the persons involved.

Well done The Mail and of course a hat tip to Katy Newton who brought it to peoples attention via the devils kitchen, which is a fantastic read, please go visit!

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