Saturday, September 29, 2007

Smoking behind the wheel a distraction?

On the BBC news website today is a piece on the new Highway Code, it goes on to mention that there are 29 new rules which includes a new safety code for new drivers.

Now being a smoker, and one that does not smoke in the car when young lfb is present, I cannot for the life of me understand how some people actually get their jobs and manage to keep them.

Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick is obviously not a smoker, and has tried to imagine a person lighting up, he states "If you're lighting up with one hand and have a fag in the other hand then obviously you've not got any hands on the wheel."

Now Jim I don't wish to piss on your chips mate, its done one handed you dolt! One only has to put the ciggie between ones lips, once it is in place the lighter is lit and placed at the end of said ciggie, two quick drags and its lit. It also takes about 1.8 seconds, and yes i did time it,and 1.8 was the slowest!!! But then I have experience of smoking behind the wheel, which is more than any of these wankers supporting the ban has! In other words you fuckwit, unless you know what your talking about then shit the fuck up!!

"So I think what we're saying is concentration is very important in the prevention of accidents." he went on to say. Actually no-one ever concentrates more than for about 10 mins in a 20 min journey, our brains cannot cope with the tedium, so it erases the everyday and useless bits. Ask any driver who does the same run day after day, the car almost runs itself! This is because it fucking well does, drivers go into autopilot mode! They do it everyday and guess what very few accidents, over concentration leads to mistakes which lead to minor bumps. But you politicains know about this after all you keep telling us you can change laws etc when we know that you can't as youve given most of the law making to the EU!

Then to compound that fact that they are all fuckwits who couldn't find their arses with both hands, Research Manager for ASH Amanda Sanford chipped in with the ASH strongly supports the move bull.

Amanda Sanford said: "Clearly, smoking while driving can be a distraction and could lead to accidents if people drop the cigarette or drop the ash. "

More bullshit, most people who smoke know the risk of dropping the fag either between the legs or in the foot well. Many have actually done it, including me, and the first thing you do is indicate and pull over, you do not panic! Try asking drivers what they do see how many say it caused a crash or and accident!

"The way it's phrased in the Highway Code is that drivers should avoid being distracted by smoking while they're driving." The Police using their radios whilst driving is not a distraction then? Or is it because they know what they are doing, have done it countless times, oeerr just like the smoker has!
"It seems to be a perfectly sensible measure because the whole business of lighting up involves taking your hands off the wheel, so you're not driving with due care and attention."

No, as with changing gear, you only take one hand off the wheel you thick cunt! As that is all that's needed! Looking in the side and rear view mirrors, looking at the speedo all takes a second, yet this isn't classed as driving without due care and attention! I also think you will find if you actually get of your fat arse and ask the drivers, unless your on the motorway, most people light up at the traffic lights!

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Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Excellent points indeed, LFB.

11:48 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As someone who knows, the drivers of winter gritting lorries are continually operating controls within the cab other than the normal gear change, indicators etc. These controls alter the spread width, the amount of salt and the pattern of the salt spread. Would this situation be classified as a "detraction" considering the winter road conditions and usually in the dark?

4:35 pm  
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Blogger LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

Thanks for the comment adelen, but having tried Champix. It does affect people adversley, I even though I felt fine, turned into an agressive monster, one just has to ask the wife.
This effect is not uncommmon either, but I will try and try again until I get there.

8:52 am  
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