Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's not just the "little englanders".....

From Mark Mardell's Euro blog, a comment that needs to be read.

Mandy Warmerdam wrote:
Now that the decision has been made, I feel I must speak up for the sake of democracy.I am a citizen of the Netherlands, and a proud 'Nee'-voter. I did not believe in the EU Constitution, and as soon as word of this new treaty reared its ugly head I knew it would be little different of its predecessor.

Even with the final text still largely shrouded in mystery, it has become clear that this treaty is indeed largely the same as its rejected parent.To freshen the memory, for those who have forgotten: At a turnout of 62,8%, a rough 62% of the voters said 'No'.

This was a nation's vote of no-confidence, and there was absolutely no doubt that our nation did not want this constitution or anything to do with it, and so even Prime Minister Balkenende was forced to admit this on national television, in a state that seemed almost near tears.His words were: "The Dutch people have spoken tonight. It is a clear result. Naturally I am very disappointed. The voters have given a clear signal that cannot be misunderstood. We must do everything we can to involve citizens in the Europe of the future. The cabinet will engage itself in that."

It is two years later, and Balkenende is still (or rather, once again) our Prime Minister. He, his party, and his cabinet seem to have conveniently forgotten about this statement. As a result, I am forced to consider him a liar.Worse yet, I consider him a conniving, backstabbing liar. The cabinet was well-aware that the chances of the people voicing a mass 'Nee' in a second referendum are undeniably huge.

This man is clearly not a man of his word, and not worthy of any trust. If such a man is at the head of our government, then the conclusion must be, tragic as it is, that the Dutch people can no longer trust their government.

The words must seem awfully strong and passionate, but the government seems to have forgotten the meaning of the word 'democracy'; a nation governed according to the will of its people. In fact, it is starting to reek of dictatorship, and I find the odour particularly unpleasant.

All is not yet lost, as the lower house still has a say in the matter and there are many supporters of 'Nee' present. They might still be able to get a referendum through, and in that I put my hope.

In conclusion, I can only add that Prime Minister Balkenende deserves nothing save my, and the Dutch nation's, heartfelt contempt. He and his cabinet have disregarded the will of their people, the fact that they are supposed to represent a democracy, and in certain cases have gone so far as to break their word. I fear I must speak my personal vote of no-confidence and call this treason, and I think it is time for Balkenende and his cabinet to step down.

We all need to publish other EU countries "Peoples" comments just to remind ourselves that we are not alone in our belief that all politicians are treating us all (EU wide) with contempt!

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Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

So why did the Dutch re-elect Balkenende?

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