Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trust the Banks?

Following Northern Rocks troubles, in which thousands of savers and investors queued, some through the night to get their savings back. Teamspirit a Public Relations company dealing with financial companies has a report which states

"Fewer than half of consumers now consider high street banks trustworthy, with almost a quarter say they do not trust any type of financial services provider."

Given that people were frightened to death of losing their hard earned money, the run on Northern Rock is in some small way understandable.

Now I am no financial whizkid, I certainly ain't rich or even well off. I get by, which is about all that most of us can say these days. I never intended blogging about banking or the Northern Rock fiasco, but I came across a footnote in a magazine in the hospital. written sometime this week by Sue Hannums who works for AWD Chase de Vere, and she was quoted as saying:

"Consumers must reignite their trust in banks and building societies because
they remain a safe home for their money"

Now just how can consumers ignite this trust? To be honest why the fek should they?

In the last two years how many people have fought tooth and nail against the banks to claw back unlawful charges? How many have done the same with Credit Card companies? How many are fighting for money back from Mortgage Companies? How come it took the efforts of normal consumers to take on the banks, when their own regulators couldn't or wouldn't?

These are the same Banks and Building Societies that have shafted any and everyone, slightly overdrawn, here's a £35.00 quid charge! Plus they charge you for the fucking letter telling you your going to be charged! Hows that for twattishness?

Now they want us to trust them again??? What utter fuckwits! Its like trusting Gordon Brown with our pensions, or savings accounts that we leave gaining interest! If we are not careful the 21century's new robber baron will have it away, oops sorry he already has!

The CEO of Teamspirit Joanne Parker said " Although the Northern Rock situation has reduced trust in companies that look after our money, the UK has one of the most regulated financial services markets in the world"

Why do they always bring out this crap about being regulated and safe and we should trust them? FFS they had their chances and at every opportunity, the banks have time and time again, (much like Gordon) fucked the normal man in the street up the arse without kissing him first!

Always regulated to look after their interests first and second and then the taxmans interest third!

I think we all need to make a stand and repeat my mantra.... You wanna fuck me? kiss me first! You no kiss me, you no fuck me!

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