Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Our energy is going to be the EU's!!

Thanks to Devils Kitchen for confirming something I had only speculated about, in a recent post I wrote this

"Does the loss of the Energy Veto mean that should Russia really stop supplying the EU with its gas and oil, that the EU could claim the North Sea Fields as community property? Well yes again it means exactly that. We would of course not be able to claim compensation nor set a tariff ourselves, that would of course be set by our masters in the EU. Now I know that I am being overly simplistic, but the past has shown that no matter how laws are written, unless everything is spelt out, anything is possible!"

As ever DK does it with far more aplomb than I could, but its nice to see that an off the cuff comment could really be true and not just a scare tactic.

We need a referendum to begin to get us out of this debacle that is the corrupt and venal EU!!

Update: Sorry I omitted to mention that DK was agreeing with another blogger, whom I failed to mention Vindico who in turn hat tipped The Bruges Group!

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