Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tory Party Conference.

Well they're in Blackpool, spending not a lot of dosh and complaining about the weather, how English how so very quaint.

The problem for the Tories is one of loss, and its a loss of direction, they could quite easily be leading in the polls if they attacked the Liebour Party.

My opinion counts for nothing, and I do realise it never has, but for what its worth here are some policies I would like to see them fight for:

Taxes, take the personal allowance up to £10k, this would take many lower paid jobs out of the taxation bracket altogether. Reduce all taxation to 10% of income, if the government cannot survive on that, well tough we've had enough of paying through the nose for crap services.

NI. One rate for all 10% Money ring fenced for NHS and Pensions.

VAT. After a EU referendum, we should be out of the EU, therefore VAT can be paid to councils to reduce council tax and reduced to 5%.

Council Tax. To be funded through VAT, and a flat fee of £400 per year per household, no more, if councils cannot manage, tough! Learn to do what the majority of people have had to do, budget within your means.

NHS, Put the emphasis back on caring and treating people, less middle managers and targets, targets can't work and never will.

Road Fund Licence. Money raised to be ring fenced, 50% for roads, 25% for Public Transport 25% into sustainable energy research.

EU. either we are in and in fully or we are out, put it to the people, let us decide after all its our children's rights your willing to give away, not just your own.

Police. Scrap the Plastic Police, (PCSO's) get real officers where people want to see them back on the street.

Immigration. Borders shut until we get it sorted, no more asylum seekers or EU migrants. Anyone reaching the UK has set foot in other EU countries first, send them back to the last safe country!

Commonwealth . More done to assist and help the commonwealth countries, more equally beneficial trade within the Commonwealth.

EU. Commit to an Common Market and free trade area, the only thing the British public ever voted for.

Law. Repeal any EU legislation, that works against British interests or duplicates what we had before. Restore the supremacy of UK law.

UK; Referendum on splitting the Union, if the UK is to remain, then the Barratt formula to be stopped.

Education. Taken out of political control, vouchers to be used, which can be used in any school to purchase an education.

Climate Change. A load of bollocks, proper research done by open minded scientists who are not afraid to rock the boat.

Smoking Ban. To stay, Provision made for Non Food pubs with top of the range air purifying equipment and seperate non smoking rooms.

Iraq War. A public apology to the Iraqi people and a full withdrawal of UK troops. The Blair Brown Cabinet to be tried for war crimes.

I think thats enough for now lol


Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Seems pretty good to me, except:

1. It's referred to as Barnett formula, even though it is not a formula in any sense of the word, as Lord Barnett has said himself a million times.

2. Not clear on smoking ban - will it stay or go?

3. In short term, you'll never get income tax plus NI down to 20%, but in short term 30%-ish is do-able.

4. I am a fan of Land Value Tax/Progressive Property Tax, to replace Council Tax, IHT, CGT, SDLT and TV licence fee, about 1% of value of home every year would cover it, no exemptions, no exceptions.

10:38 am  
Anonymous Mrs. M said...

Don't agree with point four. It would mean that many people living in some parts of the country would be paying huge amounts per year. That would nearly double the council tax levied on our property. If you put my home into some areas of the country its value could a third of the valuation here.We must remember that people tax taxes, not property. We would like to see the core services paid for from Central Government funds. In that way everyone who uses the services would pay something towards them.
We would like to see the Government grants fairly distributed across the country. How can it be fair that some councils receive just £80 per head of population and others receive £300? Is that fair? I think not.

11:31 am  
Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Mrs M, sure, for some LVT would be higher than Council Tax was (mine would be).

But I shall go with LFB's idea of a £10,000 personal allowance and a flat income tax, so working age households would be paying around £2,000 less in income tax as well.

Agreed, government grants are skewed to favour Labour councils, that is an outrage in itself.

8:48 pm  
Blogger LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

Mark, Thanks for the correction about the Barnett non formula. Smoking ban to stay in public buildings and pubs serving food. Other pubs and clubs, smoking permitted in smoking rooms but only if state of the art air cleaning is provided. 3.Can't see why not, the point was to try and force the powers that be to live within a budget. (but I bow to your superior financial accumen) 4. I had thought that £400 per household for CT would pay for most of the services, and the additional monies coming from VAT.

Mrs M, as above, the higher paying homes (I live in a band A house) would gain, however I believe that most people would spend more money if they had it to spend, that is why I said VAT received to go to the councils as an addition. Again I have no doubt you live within a budget, so why shouldn't the councils be forced to do the same?

8:28 am  
Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

The definition of 'local' services is highly arbitrary, but it appears that average spend per capita is £1,700 with low spending councils spending half as much as high spenders.

Further, Council Tax only covers about 20% to 25% of total local government spending.

I hate VAT and Employer's NI most, these are the most economically damaging taxes. Flat income/corproation tax of no more than 30% is OK, personal allowance £10,000 is OK. Land Value Tax is simply the least bad tax, any serious economist (Adam Smith, Milton Friedman et al) says so.

11:21 am  
Blogger Henry North London said...

I hate to be a pedant but it's separate

I tend to cringe at seperate

7:35 pm  
Blogger LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

Sorry Henry, I do spell check as well, thanks for the correction.

11:04 pm  

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