Monday, November 12, 2007


What is up with ISP's how can they fail to get the message?

In September I served notice as per my current ISP Terms and conditions, and gave them 30 day notice of cancellation. Well to be truthful as I don't and didn't trust them I gave them 35 days notice. I sent my letter of cancellation to the office stated in their T&C's, and also a copy to their head office, both of which were sent recorded delivery.

Exactly 10 days after we had a phone call from our ISP asking why we were leaving, even though our letter gave the full and frank reasons for our decision. Needless to say we were not induced to remain with that ISP in spite of incentives offered.

As part of our move we requested our phone number to be released to our new provider as we were actually quite fond of it, and as it had been apart of the family for a number of years, it quite honestly wanted to come with us!

Now the contract with our old ISP was up on the 2nd November, and they had promised by phone that our number would be released to our new ISP on the 5th of November.

Guess who is still waiting! After contacting my new ISP and asking why the delay,we were told that the old ISP would not release the number until the 13th November and it would take until the 16th of November to take effect.

WTF!! How hard is it to hand over a number from one company to another?

I called my old ISP and asked why and was told they had no record of our phone calls and no idea we were unhappy with the service etc. When I asked if a copy of my cancellation letter was on file they searched their computer and told me it was, he even read out a portion of it to me so I could be sure it was the actual letter I sent. Yet they had no record of our wish/intention to cancel, yes it beats me as well!

Surprise surprise, what should drop through the letter box today a letter from the old ISP telling me that a request had been made to transfer our service to another provider, and accordingly we are treating this as notice to terminate your agreement for the account.

I have deliberately left the name of the ISP concerned until the end, because I want to see how many of you could guess it, the answer is in the comments.

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The ISP is............................................................................. Talktalk nuff said....

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