Friday, November 16, 2007

Government needs lessons...

The Daily Express has an article in today's E edition, which comments on a recent government survey about kids drinking habits. It also has an "have your say" whereby one can leave ones comments about the article.

The piece that follows was/is my response to the article and as one seldom gets feed back from any of the readers on the Express, I though it merited posting on the blog for your perusal.

Gov't need lessons...

Kids at what ever age like to exaggerate, to make themselves seem more grown own, more experienced, more adult.

So I would as an adult having teenage kids, take this survey with a pinch of salt. I would also like to know what questions were asked, because one thing this current govt is over fond of doing is phrasing questions to get the answers they want!

Kids drinking is nothing new, very few people got through their teen years without drinking a couple of bottles of cider or cheap lager in parks with mates.

It wasn’t' a major problem and when found out, as was usually the case, the kids were punished. The throwing up and ill feeling was usually enough physical punishment, and the “grounding" and stern words from parents was enough to complete the job.

These day's the kids have rights and they know about them. They have no fear of punishment of any kind, either at home or in the schools or in our streets. They are to all intents and purposes untouchable and they know it.

The PC brigade have castigated, lied and coerced with the tacit approval of govt, and shown us the best "way" to bring up kids, they told us "we know best" unfortunately that was a LIE, they knew and know nothing.

So their experiment strangely hasn't worked, because we do not live in an ideal world. We have, thanks to the meddling have lost a generation of kids, who cannot or will not work in school, who see no reason to work, who, thanks to knowing their rights believe the world owes them a living.

NuLabour and its legions of do gooders would do well to remember that mankind has been around far far longer than any political party, we have had thousands of years of breeding and raising children, and funnily enough it worked. It must have otherwise we would be no more! Mankind would have dies out years ago!

They use the stick that some people beat kids, ill-treat them and abuse them. Yes this sadly is true, But to associate a smack or chastisement as assault and abuse is bullshit of the first order.

Life is harsh, we live in a somewhat cleansed and antiseptic world an age away from our origins. Therefore trying to save children is admirable aim, but one that is unfortunately unachievable especially when the tools used to try and save the children, outlaw generations of knowledge and tried and tested methods gained by the experience of actually bringing up children.

There will ever be people that go over the top, but this can be changed by education, by teaching in schools, trying to show youngsters how ideally children should be brought up, but showing them that chastisement does have a role to play!

After all the biggest bully on the block has always been our own government, no matter which party, as the only way they are able to control and police us, is through threats of fines, ASBO’s, the fear of loss of liberty.

So how can governments lecture the population on bringing up children, when they as government use exactly the same methods too; they use their powers to, control, coerce, frighten and force. The government has a less than gentle hand against its own peoples!

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Blogger female political and social comment said...

how are you?
did you make the connection with the Nuffield report and one certain presbyterian scottish prime minister?
read my piece on my blog

9:55 am  
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