Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Open Letter to Gordo

Dear Mr Brown,

I note with dismay, yet another fuck up by your supposed government!

Notwithstanding the fuck ups that have already accrued:

Millennium Dome...... waste and now a white elephant
Gold sale....... Selling of 50% of the Nations wealth at the lowest price for gold, was not clever!
NHS Staffing levels a record high... but all clerical jobs to oversee govt targets.
Academy School.... Costing Millions and yet not working
Housing Crisis.... Lots of visitors staying at your invitation.
Immigration Crisis..... 7000,000 people come to UK, not 13,500 as you forecast.
Income tax con... make the lower paid pay for tax cuts for the wealthy!
National Insurance... an increase to take back every ones small pay rise.
Stealth Taxes... makes the Treasury's "income" double over what it was when you came to power in 1997.
An Illegal war that has caused terrorist activity against the UK

Spending more in Scotland than in England where 85% of monies raised through taxation comes from.

Laws and legislation that only effects the English, not in your Scottish constituency, or in Wales or NI which is discrimination, your refusal to say England or recognise the English.

The Home Office loses asylum seekers, then finds out its employing 10,000 of them!
Tax Officers lose details of 15,000 Standard life pensioners, still not found!
Innocent Man murdered by Police Officers..... after a shoot to kill policy with Govt tacit approval!
Plastic Police men taken on as a cost cutting exercise.
Botched up PC systems for , DWP, Tax Office, DVLC etc

Intention to create an NHS data base.
Intention to waste billions on ID cards, even though there is NO NEED for them!
Intention to create a DNA data base
Having Innocent people on the DNA data base, as well as children under the age of 10 !!!

Promising a referendum in your Party manifesto... and reneging on the promise!
Refusal to accept 80% of UK population want a referendum.
Bottling out of an election, cause your frightened of losing.

Then to cap it all you lose the details of everyone claiming Child Benefit, just what kind of fuckwit are you????


As such you are an uncouth, Scottish arsehole that has the morals of an alley cat, and half the intelligence. You want pulling through with a christmas tree, with all lights and baubles on and the power still switched on.

This list above could and probably should go on forever, but fuck it that will have to do for now!

Anyway as I see it, you are not fit for purpose, therefore your fucking sacked mate and take your Scottish mafia with you! If you even try to sign anything "in my name" like the reform treaty I'll have your fucking guts for garters you twat!

Pickup your p45 from the office and get yourself back over the border NOW!!

Yours faithfully


.*.*.*. FOOTNOTE: Pulling through is a military term, when a gun or rifle is cleaned it is pulled through using a very tight fitting weight called a pull through, this is done to remove all trace of any residue. The christmas tree would ensure maximum pain, and the needles would give him gyp for years.......



Blogger The Remittance Man said...

re the gold, you forgot to mention the Economic Genius announced his intention to sell six month before the auction. Thereby guaranteeing the price would fall.

I like the christmas tree idea, that shows real imagination. Do you think the King of Norway would allow us to use the one he sends to Trafalgar Square each year?

9:33 pm  
Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Good letter, I like the idea with the Xmas tree, presumably pointy end first?

Do tell us if you get a response, try sending it recorded delivery.

You could've also asked him about the 2 million extra state jobs, at least half a million of which have gone to immigrants.

2:45 pm  
Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

In fact, that letter is so good, I have linked here.

On a practical level, we could sharpen the blunt end of the tree and then give him a choice of ends, in the interests of fairness and so on.

3:08 pm  

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