Thursday, August 07, 2008

Global Warming

Now I class myself as a man made global warming sceptic, I am not stupid enough to state categorically that there is no such thing as climate change, as quite obviously there is, the seasons in the UK, spring summer, autumn and winter. These seasons show me that there are seasonal climate changes, therefore I must accept that the climate does change.

I was also taught at school about the ice ages that the planet we all inhabit has gone through over past millenia, thereby showing that the planets climate as a whole is constantly evolving. Through geological studies we know that at some times in the past the UK has been under ice, under the sea, a desert and had a tropical climate. So more proof, were it needed, that the worlds climate does indeed change.

What I am unsure about is the "man made" tag that has been added on, which states that man has and is continuing to affect the worlds climate.

Now being 40+ years of age, I can just about remember smog in Lancashire. Smog being a mix of smoke and fog, from which due to the heavy industries in the North West we suffered along with other industrial areas in the UK. In order to rid the areas of this problem the powers that be, made whole towns and cities smokeless zones. This improvement started with the Clean Air Act in the late 50's, which succeeded over a period of time in getting rid of the problem. We now do not have the problem of smog.

That is not to say that the air quality is as good as it could be, but shows that improvements can be made which benefit all but which don't cost the earth.

As an aside, the local pub that I frequent had installed prior to the smoking ban, a top of the range air cleaning system, which when tested with smokers on site, cleaned the air so well that you noticed a marked drop in air quality when going outside.

Anyway, I can accept that as with the smog problem, man may cause some problems in the atmosphere. What I find hard to believe is that they can tie it down to one specific gas, namely CO2.

At school I was taught that all living animals breath in oxygen and exhale CO2, the only life on the planet that did it differently was plant life, they absorb by various means the CO2 and as a by-product give off oxygen in the process.

So I am informed by the BBC, the government, the greens and the IPCC that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, that its production is increasing the warmth of the planet, and promising dire consequences if mankind does not seriously cut its CO2 production!

Notwithstanding that the UK on average produces about 2% of the worlds total of CO2 gases, which means should we stop producing any CO2 at all, the benefit to the planet would be negligable! Plus given the rise in India and China and their CO2 production any gains made, would be cancelled out within months if not weeks!

Now correct me if I am wrong but these same august bodies promised in the 70's that the earth was cooling down and that we were heading into a minor ice age? Yet 30+ years later and its exactly the opposite! Not very consistent are they, however they do remind me off the catholic church and its assertion that the earth was the centre of the universe, they even put under house arrest one poor bloke for daring to question this belief!

If the threat of man made global warming was and is so serious, then why the fuck are people like Al Gore, the UK's Prime Minister and his cabinet, the USA's President and all the worlds leaders so bloody fond of flying around the planet?

These days of Broadband, Video links etc, they don't really need to set foot out of their respective countries. Or could it be more simply, that as with communism, all are equal, but some more equal than others.

Ultimately as far as I am concerned they have not proved their case, and whilst we have world leaders telling me "to do as I say, not as I do", I shall remain a sceptic and as such am more than willing to wear the badge of a man made climate change heretic.



Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

Problem - we are heading into an Ice Age (or at least that's what it feels like) so the 70s doomsters will be back in due course. A painted clock is right twice a day.

That 2% figure for UK emissions is way over the top, it may be 2% of all industrial emissions, but apparently our industrial emissions are only a quarter of a percent of one percent of all CO2 emissions, and CO2 emissions in turn are only a minor contributor to global warming (should such a thing exist, which it doesn't IMHO).

12:45 pm  
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