Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Changing the GoalPosts once again...

Our extremely illiberal Justice Secretary, Jack Straw is asking the tory party to agree to new laws which would allow "anonymous evidence" to be permitted in court after the collapse of a trail due to a Law Lords ruling that such evidence is inadmissible..

Once again we are seeing an attack on common law, which is and has been the base for our legal system for centuries. In order to stop the state being able to stitch people up on trumped up charges, we have the right to face our accusers, to face them in court, and to question them.

Any new knee jerk laws, would once again be ill used by the police and the CPS, because as we have seen time after time, once given these powers for different reasons, they use them without any checks or balances. The elderly gentlemen arrested at the labour party conference using terrorism laws, the parents in Poole being put under surveillance by the local council using Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which is intended for use 'in the interests of national security'.

All go to prove the old adage that lawyers do not make good laws, and show without doubt that the police and others cannot do their jobs competently!


Blogger Mark Wadsworth said...

My sympathy is with the victims, actually.

If the police had nabbed that gang that accosted you at the bus stop, how many of you and your friends would have stood up in court to have your names and addresses read out, only to see said scrotes given 12 hours community service or something?

9:39 am  
Blogger LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

Mark, that the system is flawed is not in dispute.

However any law that helps the "State" or government take away piece by piece a part of our rights is a bad law.

How long before we are having Star Chambers, closed courts etc etc.

It is one small step to oermitting the state to do just what the hell it likes, and makes a mockery of the word Justice.

3:05 am  

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