Thursday, November 03, 2005

It's In The News....

Reading yesterday's paper, The Express to be exact, it struck me that the Government of the day seem to be overly fond of hiding bad tidings for all, behind some of the more shocking stories of the day.

Todays story is of a council, banning Christmas, for fear of offending Muslims.

Most of the Muslims I know, revere Jesus as a prophet, not dissimilar to Mohammed, indeed he is mentioned in the Koran. They tell me that none of them are offended by our "Christian" remembrance of his birth. They buy there children Xmas presents as well.

This being so just who are the do - gooders, or the PC brigade getting their information or ideas from?

Or is it possible it is a cynical ploy by the powers that be to try and further alienate the Muslims in our country? Or maybe a smokescreen to hide more of their cock ups, or stupid laws.

I am and always have been of the Idea that mans right to life extends to all, black, white, yellow and green if they prove to exist. Although I am beginning to think that maybe all political candidates should be shot or at least placed in mental institutions for the rest of their natural lives.

That being said, I am also of the opinion that, should anyone wish to live in this small country of ours they should abide by our laws and honour our traditions. We should not have to change our ways to accommodate them, nor should we have to learn their language, they should learn ours. If they wish their own schools, then let them fund them privately.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

All Hallow's Eve

Well folks nothing much to report, my Jack Russell Terrier went missing during the middle of last week. Thankfully he turned up alive and well, my eldest son had tacked him down. Makes you wonder if any of the Dog Wardens or shelters etc actually write your contact numbers down, as my son had to do all the ringing around himself.

Karen came over to Blackpool for the weekend, and on my arrival back in Blackpool it was really great to be greeted affectionately by the dog, who has also taken a liking to Karen (Well who wouldn't lol...)

At the moment all these late night are taking their toll of both myself and Karen, as apart from the phone, (MSN is king in both houses)we are both starting to get some early nights in, although its hard being apart.