Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gay Rights Law....

Right, first off lets get it out of the way, I am not homophobic, I do not hate, loathe or believe I personally discriminate against gays.

However I do believe that each and every person has a right of choice.

If someone finds gays distasteful or offensive, then that is their chosen attitude, its up to them, as long as they do them physically no harm. I do not have a problem with anyones attitude to gays.

I do believe that government cannot legislate against thoughts, ideas, tastes, chosen lifestyles or belief. Each individual must make his or her own mind up, on each and every aspect of their beliefs, and I think that as long as they "do no harm", then they should not be castigated or berated for their beliefs.

The government has brought in legislation about anti discrimination which states "The Equality Act, due to come into effect in England, Wales and Scotland in April, outlaws discrimination in the provision of goods, facilities and services on the basis of sexual orientation. "

Which to me is wrong, to positively discriminate is still to discriminate against the majority, who are heterosexuals!

The headlines on BBC news is all about how the Catholic Church has not been granted exemption from the Legislation which would effectively force the Church to allow gays to adopt via their agencies. They have instead been given 21 months to adhere to the new legislation.

It has been mentioned in the news and in the tabloids how great these Church Adoption Agencies really are, that they can place unbalanced, disabled, seriously ill and traumatised children within families, children that often no-one wants, when the state agencies are unable to do so. It has also been said that these Church Agencies do a better job (which does not surprise me) for no real cost to the state. The Church via Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor has said, that at the moment any gay couples applying to the Church are referred to other adoption agencies, indeed this was one of (Catholic and member of Opus Dei), MP Ruth Kelly's compromise suggestions.

So what was wrong with the staus quo remaining as it is? If its not broke don't fix it. Gays apply to church, told not suitable, referred to other agencies, everyone wins. ( But why would they apply knowing they would be turned down? Unless to force the issue)

See I have a problem, are not "gays" just another minority group trying to impose their "will" on the majority, are they not the ones who scream loudest about their rights?

Well as a white, English, heterosexual male, I believe I too have rights!

I own my own home, if I chose not to have gay people in my home, then that is my choice!

If I owned a guest house, again it would be my choice as to whether I allowed gays to stay in my rooms. Sorry but no amount of legislation would induce me to change my mind. I would have to face the possibility of refusing custom and thereby losing money, and accept the consequences of my actions by possibly being blacklisted by the gay community! But that would be my choice, not the governments nor the gay rights activists.

I believe that I, along with the majority of people in the UK, are generally tolerant of everyone, and I firmly believe that everyone has the right to respect, and to live their life according to their own tenets. You do and always will get people who can and do abuse other people, but I believe they are on the whole few and far between. Not since the 70's has there been "gay bashing" in the same way there is less "paki bashing", the climate has changed these things are now not acceptable, society has made them unacceptable, not ill considered and knee jerk legislation.

If I offend people, it is upto them to enter into debate and try and change my mind, not for the government to legislate as to what and how I think or behave.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Needless Operations....Not for the Squemish!

Since the birth of our son, the missus, has suffered from really bad HMB (Heavy Menstrual Bleeding), not something that would have concerned me prior, because I am a bloke. Funnily enough I think most men tend to put the idea about periods etc into a box labelled women's problems, and shove it to the furthest recesses of our minds. Not because we don't care, but we were told it was none of our business as we were growing up, if it was ever mentioned at all. Ask any man who has grown up with sisters, you soon learn that women's periods are none of your business. Which is part of the problem, we blokes don't really know enough and from experience women don't really feel comfortable about our knowing.

However I digress somewhat, basically women have been suffering from bad periods, and please no PMT or PMS jokes, this is serious.

In the past the only ways to deal with the problem was either grin and bear it or take the Uterus away, a hysterectomy! No looking at the causes, next to no research etc etc. Again basically because it was a taboo subject!

Now in Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport there is a surgeon who can and does operate on fibriods, he studied in the USA holds many diplomas and qualifications, and removes the Fibriods through keyhole surgery. Andy Pickersgill is the Consultant and he is extremely good if not one of the best in his profession. His expertise in itself causes problems, as the local NHS Trust is more than a little reticent about paying for his work, the Trust argues that he can do 6 Hysterectomies for the cost of doing one keyhole fibroid operation.

Now whilst I can see the reasoning of the Trust, with regards to funding and the cost of the operation, I also can understand the difference these operations would and could make to countless women suffering from fibriods. Can it really be that easy to condemn a woman to life without her uterus because of financial expediency? Is not a woman's quality of life, after bringing in to this world new life, something that can be merely dismissed as unworthy of our help?

Surely if money can be wasted on new offices for the Chief Executive and the NHS middle managers, plus the greatest waste of all, meeting unwanted and ill conceived government targets, then money can and should be found for these operations.

After all in order to reduce the waiting lists so as to meet governmental targets, NHS Trusts over the country are paying the private sector to do hip and knee replacements, in Private Hospitals that charge upto £300 per night, plus the costs of the actual operations.

The NHS is making front line Nursing staff redundant as they cannot afford their wages, but at the same time paying Agency Nurses who are paid two and three times more, to cover the supposed redundant posts.

Our Mothers, Sisters, Wives and daughters deserve better from us!


Monday, January 22, 2007

Gates of Vienna: The Week Britain Died

Gates of Vienna: The Week Britain Died This is a must read.. please click the link and learn.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Vail trouble again....

Well its happening again, not content with having a pop at the people who sacked her, for refusing to remove her Vail. Taking them to an Industrial Tribunal, and losing! She, as this story shows, is trying it again.

Then the Islamic Community wonder why the "normal non Islamic folks" really believe that the Islamic community are taking the piss.

Is it to much to ask that this stupid bint gets the message, you want to work, get rid of the fucking Vail! I mean you didn't wear it at the interview, as you knew full well, that to have worn it, you would have faced questions about it. So you in order to avoid potentially difficult questions about the wearing of the Vail in classrooms causing problems, you cheated. You lied by not wearing it at the interview, thereby getting the employment by deception and under false pretences.

It would not have been racial discrimination for the governors nor the head of the school to have refused to employ you because of the Vail, because they would have had to be 100% sure all the children could hear you effectively! You didn't give them a chance to ask, you cheated and lied, therefore you quite rightly lost your job.

That you then played the race card, in order not to get your job back, but to penalise the school and education authority, this is frankly just spiteful, petty and vindictive. As with many of your brethren, you all seem to feel that we the English should pay due deference and reverence to your religions tenets, that assumption is wrong, we merely have to respect your beliefs, we do not have to kowtow to any religion. If you feel your religion is being slighted in any way shape or form, then the answer is really quite simple, find a country that is an Islamic country and fucking well move there!!

But as both I and you know, you will not do this, as the treatment of women in 90% of all Islamic countries is certainly less tolerant and certainly tends to be more extreme than here the UK.

The be and end all of this is that if your "god" really wanted you to wear a Vail, surely you would have been born with one, as he ( or she, after all god maybe female) didn't, this would lead me to conclude that the Vail is personal choice, maybe with a little persuasion from your male family members, but still personal, not religious in anyway, shape or form.

So as I see it you have two choices, stop wearing the fucking thing, or move to a country that tolerates the wearing of a Vail!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Is Teflon Tone a war Criminal?

In yesterdays Daily Express, Macer Hall the Political Editor, made the statement "To Call Tony Blair a War Criminal Is Just Going To Far".

He goes on to say that the program "The Trail of Tony Blair" makes a deadly serious and highly dangerous point: it brands the Prime Minister of this country a war criminal.

Unfortunately for Macer, that is exactly what tony bliar is! He lied about weapons of mass destruction! He lied and said we were 45 minutes from attack! He misled parliament in order to take us into a illegal war with the USA against Iraq! Now a few years later and still no WMD's, he still refuses to accept he was wrong!

He goes on to say, "if the PM is a war criminal what does this say about the electorate who voted for him"?

Well you only have to make note of the amount of people who voted, roughly 25% of the electorate, about one quarter of people able, actually voted. More people in England voted for the Conservatives than for Labour, what swung the election was the Scottish Vote. So the minority are ruling the majority.

Macer goes on to say " Real tyrants are hussein, Milosevic or the Nazi High Command. They are dictators who have waged military campaigns dedicated to mass slaughter - through bombing, gassing and blitzkrieg - purely to bolster their own rule or realise warped ambitions of conquest.

Which also neatly fits the actions of Tony Blair and George Bush, the American and British military attacks were designed to "blitzkrieg" the Iraqi's into submission and surrender, the bombing lead to countless hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi's deaths, even with supposed pinpoint accuracy. Purely to bolster the warped ambitions of Americas need for Oil, a view now accepted by the American Press.

He goes on to say "To compare Bliar to such tyrants is a gross misunderstanding of history. It also shows a lack of grasp of international law.

Would this be the law that as part of the United Nations means we have to have a mandate from the UN to go to war? Does not History teach us that power corrupts? Has Bliar not shown like Hitler in Germany, his need to control the masses, his need to legislate to the Nth degree, his requirement that all need ID Cards? Data bases of the whole population imposed by stealth until no human rights were left. Is this not the way that Tony Bliar and new labour are heading. Is he not following in both Hitler and Stalin's footsteps? Indeed one could go so far as to say that our membership of the EU which Bliar supports fully, is pandering to Hitlers greatest aim of a United States of Europe?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cheating gits lol

Well if your in charge of communications for the local council, who want to be a Unitary Authority, and your local BBC is running a Poll. Then you must accept it is a sure bet that you can sway the votes!! Or is it? BBC News caught this errmmm enterprising fellow out!

Well apart from a red face, as the council is Tory controlled, will the poor bloke still have a job. Or does it just goes to show that when the powers that be wish us to believe something, they will cheat in order to get the result they want!

What makes it worse the bugger could not even get it right when the poll closed, the yes votes were far less than the No votes !! Cheats never prosper!!

Global warming? or more bullshit!!!

Thanks to DK for the following link, I know its repeating what others have said, but the more of us that blog about it and actually keep forcing the issue to the fore here in blogland.... can only be good. This piece by Heartland Institute makes for interesting reading, as does the following piece by A VeryBritish Dude which speaks succinctly if not quite with the venom of Devils Kitchen.

But, anyway that we the poor downtrodden masses, can prove to the gobshite, smackheaded, hamfisted, two faced, humpty backed bastard politicians, that we are not stupid, as often as we can should eventually sink in to their retarded sub conscious brains.

Due wholly to new labour, I now have the mindset of unbeliever, by that I mean that anything I am told by any politician or governmental spokesperson, I Do Not Believe! Unless I can verify the information myself.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Couple of Things that happened at the Year End...

Saddam Hanged.

Well with the USA's backing the puppet Government of Iraq hanged Saddam Hussein. Whilst I accept freely that this bloke was far from innocent, what I cannot condone is the barbaric and hasty way he was "done away" with. Not withstanding that his demise left unanswered questions with regard to the UK and USA's involvement in keeping him in power and providing many of his weapons. Questions I am sure that Bush and Blair are glad cannot now be asked.

I believe that Saddam really had no chance of a fair trial, it was a forgone conclusion, and was not justice in any way shape or form!

The furore has since errupted after film taken by a mobile phone, shows the execution of Saddam, not to be as civilised as first appeared on the "Official released version" which was without sound, after viewing the mobile phone version, no wonder they left off the sound, as the guards can be heard plainly taunting and laughing. As ever pay peanuts and you employ monkeys!

Migrants Benefit to UK of 4 pence, per person.

The story shown here seems to contradict what the Politicians have been telling us normal folks!

Now I can see problems with immigration without being an expert in it. Loads of people coming in, housing shortages, school places, NHS costs rising, additional drain on community services etc etc etc!
This is without pointing out, the fiasco with regards to driving down wages, local workers being replaced by migrants in Doncaster and other areas, are we sure this is what our politicians are permitting or is it all the fault of the EU?

New Blogger..

Well after all the hype and being asked to change to the New version of blogger, and also waiting till my better half tried it out hehehehehee... Yeah I know coward aint I lol...

Well I shall begin posting again shortly.... Happy New Year to all...