Sunday, October 28, 2007


I discovered MyBlogLog rather late, it looked interesting and seemed a good way to see who actually visits ones site and don't leave comments. It allowed me to see and thus visit other blogs that I may not have come across, which I found really helpful!

I tried to sign in to mybloglog today, and found to my surprise that I couldn't do so. The site has been bought/taken over by Yahoo and the only way to sign in is to use a current Yahoo ID or re register as a Yahoo user.

This was something I felt strongly enough about, that I took the link off my site, despite Yahoo's insistence that it " helped by reducing another password for me to remember".

When I signed up to MBL, it was quick easy and needed no other information than an email account for verification and obviously a blog. It was nice easy and simple, rather like me who prefers to keep things in separate places and doesn't like to put all his eggs into one basket. The ability to visit others sites and leave a tag saying you had been without actually leaving a comment, was ideal, it was great others bloggers knew I had been and had a link back to my site if they wished to follow it.

So my apologies to all those who still use the MBL service, but its take over and insistence on having a Yahoo ID has irked me somewhat, and I am sorry I will no longer be a part of that community.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Changing ISP's

I have had enough and thankfully coming to the end of my 18 month contract with my current ISP. Its up on the 2nd of Nov.

Blogging maybe intermittent whilst I search out and find another ISP, its looking likely to be a cable company, but nothing fixed as yet.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Comment is Free

You know right about now I am feeling mightily pissed off, I mean really hacked off to the Nth degree, the cat's been kicked out and the dogs done a brown ! (fucking scarpered out of the way!)

I Have just been reading a post on Comment is Free, now it was brought to my attention by DK, who's fisking of it led to me reading it in full. Now whilst I understand what DK has said and heartily agree with much if not all of his sentiment, it had the same effect, it fucking incensed me. Not the actual article you understand but the comments, and these people are supposed to be the cream of our country?

I have been many things in my life, most notably a bit of a piss head, never done drugs apart from the beer and fags, even been called a twat more than a few times.

A small part of one of the comments;

shagnasty October 11, 2007 1:28 PM
No. There should be absolutely no referendum on the EU. On this issue the British people are complete idiots and cannot be trusted to arrive at a decision that is in their interests, since they understand close to nothing about it. The bewildered herd need to be led to a brighter future by men and women who DO understand what's at stake.

Now I want to know just who this fucker thinks he is, not withstanding that I went to a secondary modern have trouble spelling, every qualification I have, I had to earn and pay for in my own time, boy does this fucker takes the biscuit!

As ever they all miss the fucking point, my education matters not a jot, what matters is that on a low income, I and others like me bear the brunt of all the idiotic policies that come out of the EU FULL STOP!

I can see that I am being talked down to, that as I am working class I am too thick to have any worthwhile opinion, FFS the internet is upon us, its here and now, I can read and research, I don't have to believe all your propaganda! I can and will make up my own mind, but more than that, every Friday I go down the pub and sink a few beers, and I convince my mates, the lads I drink with that the EU is bad for the UK. Not that they take much persuading!

They are sparkies, truck drivers, deliverymen, plumbers, builders and yes even an ice cream man, we see the companies we work for struggling to make ends meet, tied up with silly red tape! We don't all read the Sun and the Mirror, and okay some of us do read the Express and the mail, but others read the Independent, the Observer, and telegraph, and we don't believe all we read and we talk about it and find out more.

The area I live in is or was staunchly Labour, yet in the local council elections the Lib Dems came in with 201 votes less than Labour, the Tories came nowhere. But had there been a someone else to vote for, who knows what might have happened! This from an area that now is starting to hate Labour as much as the Tories. The tide has turned, things can only get better if we can convince the one eyed twat to hold a referendum!!!

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Brown Bottles Election...

Well so much for all the hype, the no mandate PM Gordo (I want your Money) Brown, has said that he does not want to call an Autumn election.

He says's if he called an election it would have been about competence, fitness to govern as it were, Gordo cites, Foot and Mouth spread ( from a government run facility), the terrible summer floods, (When he was chancellor he cut spending on flood defences) and the financial crisis facing the banks (when he was chancellor he set the rules under which the banks could ask the Bank of England for help) all these supposedly prove his competence to run the UK.

Gordo now wants to show us his "vision for change in Britain" specifically Housing, Education and Health! This bloke beggars belief, just how much of a fuckwit is he??? He was chancellor for the whole time that Tony Bliar was PM, as chancellor he had overall control of monies and where exactly they were to be spent.

He wasted untold millions on the Millennium Dome fiasco, he wasted money in creating more middle managers to oversee the targets in the Health Service. None of the extra money went on or reached the front line nurses or Doctors.

Wasted millions on the "Academy" schools, that are not performing, spewing out thousands of kids unable to read or write basic english!

Created the housing crisis by allowing more and more immigrants to come into the country, creating a shortfall in adequate housing, but also an increased drain on the NHS, the Transport infrastructure and services provided by local councils.

In other words he wants us to believe he and only he can put right the wrongs that were created by his Liebour government!

Listen you scottish fuckwit, you've had ten years, you make laws that don't apply to your own constituents, you know the tossers that voted for you, and we are expected to swallow it all hook line and sinker? Bottling scotch cunt!!!

****Update**** He also mentioned the terrorist attack in Glasgow, which was halted by members of the public, fuck all to do with his "intellegence agencies"!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tory Party Conference.

Well they're in Blackpool, spending not a lot of dosh and complaining about the weather, how English how so very quaint.

The problem for the Tories is one of loss, and its a loss of direction, they could quite easily be leading in the polls if they attacked the Liebour Party.

My opinion counts for nothing, and I do realise it never has, but for what its worth here are some policies I would like to see them fight for:

Taxes, take the personal allowance up to £10k, this would take many lower paid jobs out of the taxation bracket altogether. Reduce all taxation to 10% of income, if the government cannot survive on that, well tough we've had enough of paying through the nose for crap services.

NI. One rate for all 10% Money ring fenced for NHS and Pensions.

VAT. After a EU referendum, we should be out of the EU, therefore VAT can be paid to councils to reduce council tax and reduced to 5%.

Council Tax. To be funded through VAT, and a flat fee of £400 per year per household, no more, if councils cannot manage, tough! Learn to do what the majority of people have had to do, budget within your means.

NHS, Put the emphasis back on caring and treating people, less middle managers and targets, targets can't work and never will.

Road Fund Licence. Money raised to be ring fenced, 50% for roads, 25% for Public Transport 25% into sustainable energy research.

EU. either we are in and in fully or we are out, put it to the people, let us decide after all its our children's rights your willing to give away, not just your own.

Police. Scrap the Plastic Police, (PCSO's) get real officers where people want to see them back on the street.

Immigration. Borders shut until we get it sorted, no more asylum seekers or EU migrants. Anyone reaching the UK has set foot in other EU countries first, send them back to the last safe country!

Commonwealth . More done to assist and help the commonwealth countries, more equally beneficial trade within the Commonwealth.

EU. Commit to an Common Market and free trade area, the only thing the British public ever voted for.

Law. Repeal any EU legislation, that works against British interests or duplicates what we had before. Restore the supremacy of UK law.

UK; Referendum on splitting the Union, if the UK is to remain, then the Barratt formula to be stopped.

Education. Taken out of political control, vouchers to be used, which can be used in any school to purchase an education.

Climate Change. A load of bollocks, proper research done by open minded scientists who are not afraid to rock the boat.

Smoking Ban. To stay, Provision made for Non Food pubs with top of the range air purifying equipment and seperate non smoking rooms.

Iraq War. A public apology to the Iraqi people and a full withdrawal of UK troops. The Blair Brown Cabinet to be tried for war crimes.

I think thats enough for now lol