Sunday, December 23, 2007

MP's want MORE MONEY?????

Well its almost that time of year again when MP's tell us what they expect cash wise from we taxpayers. As ever we are being asked to fund above inflation pay rises for these parasites.

Well if they can't pay the Police their full 2.5% (but devolved executives in Scotland and Wales can pay it?)then to my mind they shouldn't have the 10% increase they have requested.

Now the only way I as a tax payer would be willing to fund this rise would be if they lost all of their expenses, and I mean all.

The piece in the Mail makes the point that Gordo is against the increase, however now that the backbenchers are realising what a clot they put in charge (gordo the one eyed wanker) they are now coming to the conclusion that many of them will lose their seat's come the next general election. So they are trying to get as much money in the pension pot as possible, and they still expect us to believe that they are doing it for our benefit!

Low and behold there is suggestion that the Tories have an agreement to back the backbenchers revolt against the one eyed wonder of wankistan!

Me thinks hemp neckties and lamposts are creeping surely closer and closer!

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Friday, December 21, 2007


The Nulabour harridan Harriet Harman has called for prostitution to be made illegal.

When considering this subject I really do wish people would stop and actually think what this would mean, I try to be as dispassionate as possible and expect other to do the same.

We are informed that historically its the oldest profession, since before biblical times prostitutes have plied their trade.

Harriet makes use of the "sex worker trafficing" and "illegal international human trafficing" and that we need to stop sex being sold to stop the trafficing. With never a thought that, as we obviously have a market for "sex workers" and they can earn good money in the UK proves there is a need.

Now which do you think will work, a complete ban, that drives sex workers underground, puts them further under the control of pimps and criminals? Or legalisation of brothels, run in the same vein as the ones in some American states or Germany.

My opinion for what it is, draws me to the simple conclusion that legalisation is the only way to go!

If people are being traded for work in the sex industry, then legalised brothels would stop the trade in unwilling workers. Monitored and policed the girls would be required to have frequent health checks, but more importantly would be safe.

The premises could/would be out of town, avoiding the nimby's

The areas would be policed and any wrong doings by clients cracked down on.

The earnings would be taxable, giving revenue to the exchequer.

I have not done any deep research, but from what I have read Germany's sexual offenses against womans rate is much less than the UK, (although trawling through there does seem to be some slight increase of offences commited by new Immigrants)

The criminal elements that then set up private brothels could be the ones the police and authorities target. With severe penalties for those who break the law.

For those whom the idea seems abhorant, I understand as I wouldn't like my sister to be a prostitute, but where there is a need, and lets face it some people really need to be able to use the services, I would be willing to to permit prostitution.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007


I am in a bit of a quandary here, I can see the reasoning for asking older folks who have had their kids grow up and leave the nest, to move to smaller properties. I can see that social housing is needed for families and that there isn't enough to go around.

One could and indeed should say that this was the fault of successive governments, both Tory and labour, who have refused to let the councils use monies raised by the "Right to buy" scheme, to build newer council housing stocks.
Looking back it was obviously a mistake, on every ones part. Not only would it have eased the supply and demand, but it would have at the time given the building trade a boost it needed in a harsh climate. Which would have also given our tradesmen an ability to take on and train future plumbers, plasterers, carpenters and brickies.
So all in all a missed opportunity. Which has seen an increase in building tradesmen coming to the country from the EU, as we have not enough of our own tradesmen to meet our needs or demand.

Allowing councils to build newer housing to replace stock sold, would have meant newer houses that met or came a damn site closer to the much vaunted "energy efficiency" requirements foisted upon us by the EU.

I admit I took advantage of buying my council house, and over the next 10 years spent money on double glazing, cavity wall insulation, gas central heating, all to done to improve my families living conditions and comfort. So my little two bed roomed house that I bought for 21,950 in 1992 is now worth about 90,000. Unless I sell I haven't really made any money at all, although on paper I have. Please bear in mind that Blackpool house prices have risen however, ex council houses have not risen as much as other homes.

So we have now a government minister telling the country, that people over accommodated in social housing stock will be moved to make the way for families who's need is greater. Notwithstanding that these people have made their homes, made friends and helped to make their communities. They will have their families, friends and relatives close by, some of the families that I know still have adult children at home at 23 and 24 years of age, simply because they cannot either afford buy their own home, nor afford the rent and other costs of running a home on the minimum wage.

You see what nark's me is that Yvette Cooper the Housing minister, (who has been slated for some dodgy dealings with regards to her 2nd home that we the tax payers are paying for) has no idea of local communities, of their make up, or even how they work. She doesn't understand that over the years the people get to know each other, taking the kids to school, meeting in the Post office, the doctors, the local pubs and clubs. This is mainly because she has not lived and worked in a local community, when she goes home of an evening the door is closed to the rest of the world.
Other than her association with other politicians who also do not live in the real world, she has no idea how the other seventy five percent of the population live, she cannot get her head round the fact she is dealing with other human beings, who resent paying her and her husband their politicians salary and expenses, and guaranteed gold plated pensions.

They resent someone who has not lived in their community telling the community that she is going to strip and rip a large proportion of its heart out. Lets face it this will only affect the working class and lower paid members of our society, you know the ones that Labour are supposed to be for!

A proportion that has paid it's taxes, paid for the NHS, EU et al, and yet are to be moved to "the country" or to "smaller accommodation" to suit a political whim. To houses, god knows where, in who knows what state, to start again without friends and family. Talk about a potential death sentence hanging over people!

In Liverpool communities have been decimated by the housing regeneration forced upon it by the then deputy PM Prescotts department, who have wasted countless millions buying up properties, that only needed renovating to make them into decent homes. They then pulled them down to make affordable housing that no one locally can afford, now how fucking clever is that?

So whilst I can see that the housing is needed for families, I can also see the reason for these people refusing to leave their homes and communities that they helped to build.

Answers? I just don't know, but I do think as ever with Labour it will all cost millions and end in fucking tears!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If this doesn't make you smile... your dead ....

The Trouble With Outsourcing

I was depressed last night,
so I called Lifeline.

Got a call centre in the Middle East.
Told them I was suicidal.

They got all excited and asked if I could fly a plane.

**Hat tip the remittance man** from whom I stole this!!

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