Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Normal Service is resumed

I apologise for the delay in updating the site, but things had gotten, well while not quite hectic, just a little busy.

From shopping for baby things to talking about baby things, to trying to placate an over anxious mother to be, as well as moving furniture, re arranging pc's, the last thing on my mind has been the blog.

That aside, well whats been in the news...... mmmm loads and loads of stuff....


Well it seems certain southern water companies have been granted drought orders, so stand pipes here they come in the southern regions.

Not withstanding the fact that a full one third of all wasted water comes from leaks in the respective companies pipes, nor their inability to actually fix said leaks. Or even the filling in and selling for housing 6 reservoirs, when there is supposed to be a shortage...... Yeah right get real folks... believe me there is no shortage.
(Well not up here int' north hehehehee)

Our victorian ancestors planned well, their motto was "it has to last for hundreds of years, and be used by a hundred times more than we estimated for". Yes I'm talking the water infrastructure, which has not been updated since victorian times.

Unfortunately our ancestors only planned for 100 times more usage, we have had a massive increase in population density, thereby rendering the old infrastucture unable to cope. Mr Prescott has not helped matters by allowing more and more homes to be built, without ensuring that the infrastructures could handle the demand.

I wonder if it is all a ploy to get everyone onto water meters, there are those who state they are a good thing, and those who are adverse to any form of metering of such a basic natural resource. Personally I would rather a small charge for the supply pipework, (which must be ringfenced for pipework repair) and a charge for sewerage removal and cleansing. Don't like the idea of being charged for water as lets face it, the Water Companies don't pay for it do they!