Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More EU Bullshit!!!

"A Polish referendum on the euro risks a repeat of the French and Dutch no votes that sank the EU constitution in 2005, Brussels has warned Warsaw.(...)

"Given the recent experience in France and the Netherlands concerning referendums, we would not advise anyone to organise one," said a commission official."

So let me get this straight...... the EU is saying that because they have had the general populations voting against the EU constitution, that to ensure they (the EU) do not get any other No votes, that a referendum is not necessary.

If this is so, then it makes a mockery of the EU being supposedly what the people want. As others certainly more educated and knowledgable than me have commented before, this is bullshit in the worst sense of the word, it means the EU is looking after the EU, they are not concerned with the peoples of member states. Just so long as they have access to our monies and our sovereign rights, they just do not care about us at all.

Just how long are we in the UK going to allow our politicians to lie and sell us into EU slavery, just so they can feed from both troughs. Enough is enough !!!

Just who the FUCK do NuLabour think they are!!

Now this maybe an over reaction from me>>> but read this

Now just who the fuck does this idiot think he is, and from which planet!

Now it wasn't the headliner statement that got me, it was "He also announced that homeowners could be evicted over persistent anti-social behaviour, such as excessive noise or the intimidation of neighbours."
Mr Reid promised to put "victims' needs first" by imposing "clear and tough" punishments on offenders.

MMMM lets see..... I buy a house.... then some fucking self serving vibrator widened twat faced do gooder decides I have offended the southern bulldogged face battleaxe heathen bitch from hell living next door, because I shouted at her dog for shitting on my lawn..... and they want to evict me!!!!

GET TO FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reid I am coming to kill you, you are a sanctimonious self righteous prick of the highest order, and as such I have decided that you shall be run over by me, and to make it really really fair, you can have a head start of 100 yards... and both your fucking feet nailed to the floor (for a better grip you understand)..... and in case your upset dear reader of the scots cunt getting his all on his lonesome ... yeah your right.... in a long line stretching far out behind him will be the senior civil servants rogering each other as usual... I shall try and kill as many as possible until the mass of dead bodies causes the car to stall..... great idea for a game show I reckon..

On a serious note... not that the above ranting wasn't in all seriousness...

Lets find out where these cunts live, get their neighbours to complain about police presence, bringing down the area, skulking men etc... media attention, get asbos on the fuckers with loads of hearsay evidence, backed with a statment from the local drug dealer about how he is being denied his "Yuman rite" to ply his trade and cant because of all the coppers and get every politician evicted!!

See how long your brain dead ideas work then John me old squashed fucker.... (well he will be soon )

Reid is the cunt of the moment!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I love a nice piece of Beef...

Just a quicky... please read this its really good...

Sounds great and strangely very apt....

HeeHee Gordons losing lots of our money!!!!

Get in....... Now I hate the EU and all it stands for with a vengence, I believe that the EU has a specific aim and that is to fuck this country over for the two world wars we won,,, well ok and various other little arguements we won against the froggies.

But it appears some dastardly dutch consumers (according to Gordo) are in the process of doing us a favour...

Pissed of at paying Dutch duty on French wines they import, they took the case to the European Legal Chief, Francis Jacob, who has or is expected to rule in favour of the consumers, and some 80% of his rulings are backed by the European Court.

Which opens the way for all us hard taxed Brits to get loadsa fags n booze at cheap prices... and they can even post them to us... no need to go and get them yourself....

So it looks like some Latvian company will be posting me my Lambert & Butler ciggies @ £7.50 per 200 on a regular basis... and Gordo loses out ... wet my self!! I am nearly crying with laughter.

In past posts I have stated my belief that the government was acting illegally in imposing "guidelines" as to how many ciggies we can bring back from the EU. Only with NuLabour could free trade between EU countries be ok unless Gordo loses some of OUR money
in which case its Nope!! sorry cant have you bringing that many/much back... bad for the exchequer dont ya know. Tight scotch git!!!

So at a conservative estimate gordo stands to lose £16 Billions of income from taxation of fags and booze... Now that will really hurt him, as his fiscal policies are shite ,,,,, hence tax tax and tax and tax.... somebody should shoot the fucker.... I'll chip in with a £10.00 to start the collection going...

Mind you I really do epect the meally mouthed scottish cunt to try and do something to stop it applying to us,,,,, like maybe withdrawing from the whole shambolic ediface??? nah don't think so... he hasnt the balls...

But I do reckon that the EU must have some really big fuck up to hide if they're letting us have this one.....

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A follow on....

Following on from yesterdays rant, we see that the knives are out for free speech once again.

I will reiterate, I do not support the BNP, nor their policies, but what I wont have is anyone questioning free speech! Any person going to a BNP rally must really have a great idea about the subject matter, so would not be surprised by comments, however distasteful a more moderate person would find them.

All the usual idiots from government have crept out of their self flaggelation dungeons, to add comments about the result of the trial of the BNP leaders.

Lord Falconer said the government had to show young Muslims that Britain was not anti-Islamic, adding there should be "consequences" from saying Islam is "wicked and evil".

Now Im sorry but as far as I am aware it does state in the Koran, that all unbelievers or those not willing to convert, at the point of a sword! should be put to death by the sword! In my book that is pretty dispicable if not downright fucking wicked and evil! So Lord Falconer, try reading a little about the subject so that you dont appear more of a prick than we already know you are. Any religion that kills anyone that doesnt join, has serious issues, and should be fucking banned! Never mind worrying or trying to ensure they are not offended!

Last month Lord Ahmed said there was "a constant theme of demonisation of the Muslim community".
He accused politicians and journalists of jumping on a bandwagon because "it is fashionable these days to have a go at the Muslims".

No its not fashionable to have a go at muslims, its just basic self defence, everytime these ragheads read a comment or believe they have been slighted, out comes the flag burning brigade to demand that who ever said or did anything against their precious religion be hung, burnt at the stake or just plain spit roasted, for the enjoyment of the Islamic community!

Chancellor Lord Falconer said Muslims had been offended by Mr Griffin's remarks and must be sure that the law would protect them.

Well fuck me twice round the block with a frozen mars bar, Ive been offended by everything this poxy puss ridden government has done and said, so does that mean I can get protection? Get a fucking life guys, ignore the stupidity of a religion that professess to be peaceful and kind, yet still advocates putting unbelievers to the sword.

If they want religious freedom, fine we dont really care about allah or mohammed, we are not fucking interested, but to go running to head of the gestapo (John Read) everytime you believe someone has made an adverse comment about allah, is a bit "running to teacher"playground stuff, I mean if this allah is so fucking great surely he is big enough to defend his or her self.

Every other religion has it detractors, non believers and different factions yet they dont go running to teacher everytime someone says god is dead or doesnt exist. Its about time the ragheads grew up!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

They'e at it again....

Having recently been beaten in the courts by the BNP,

Chancellor Gordon Brown has told the BBC, race laws may have to be revised in light of the acquittal.

Well well, what a fucking surprise NOT!!!!

What gives the pox ridden, scottish windbag the idea that to change the law is the right step to take. Every piece of legislation that the Nulabour government has brought in recently has only added more laws to an already overburdened society. Just because in the real world they pretended to be lawyers, does not mean they should keep changing the fucking laws! Try making the old ones work you fucking imbecile, get the Police to do their fucking jobs, after all its not as if they have much else to do with the "policing" of roads now being done by bastard gatso's is it!

Now I am no supporter of the BNP, unlike many of the other bloggers I don't hate them, in fact I believe that the BNP are serving a purpose, they are showing the current crop of politician out to be a shower of thick degenerate ass lickers, who have no fucking idea what is going on in the real world that we poor proles have to reside.

I kind of like the idea of free speech, that I can bring the sanity of every politician as well as their parentage into question. Its all part and parcel of the same thing, after all if the ragheads can burn flags and call for all non believers to be slain, then fuck me slagging gordo and tony off is really small fry. But let a potential BNP MP give the sooties a taste of their own medicine and all hell breaks loose, Laws must be changed!!!

Pathetic load of bollocks....... Gordo is this weeks cunt of the moment!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

The Result is In Saddam guilty!!!

Well surprise surprise, to quote Cilla,,,

The verdicts in and Saddam was found guilty and sentenced to hang.

Whether he will be allowed to appeal or not is unsure as yet.

I believe this trial is/was so wrong!!!

When Saddam 1st came to power it was with the approval of both UK and USA's governments, they used him during the 1980's, to sow discord throughout the Middle East, the war with Iran etc! They and we even supplied him with weapons and the means to make some of the poison gases, mustard gas etc.

Ultimately both the UK and USA went to war against Saddam and the people of Iraq, against the advice and wishes of the rest of the world. We illegally invade a sovereign country, decimated its infrastructure and cold bloodedly murdered over 600,000 Iraqi civilians!

As I stated in an earlier post, I did not think that Saddam would get a fair trial.

The evidence against him was hearsay and conjecture. The trial was a means towards an end, G W Bush's revenge for his father’s embarrassment!

But what of the future for Iraq itself, can it recover? Can the puppet government installed by the US and UK really hold it together? Would Saddams death only serve to make him a martyr to the Arab/Muslim cause? Will it enrage the Middle Eastern countries enough to fuel another fresh recruitment drive towards the terrorist groups? Will it cause never ending hostilities between the west and the Middle East? As I recall they have bloody long memories!!!

But in the interest of justice, when are Bush and Blair going to be held accountable for their actions? For their Bare faces lies to both governments and peoples of the UK and US?

We in the western world have rid our selves of the death penalty, yet we are to allow the puppet government of Iraq to kill Saddam, it just doesn’t make sense. Unless the USA and UK need to ensure his silence about their dealings with him and his regime!

I really do believe this one really stinks and sticks in the throat!