Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HURRAH for the Truckers....

Now I understand that for many people, truck drivers and their wagons are the bane of the road. They do have a tendency to slow down traffic and belch fumes everywhere, they are large and noisy, and seem at times to give everyone the impression that they rule the roads!

My impressions are the same, but enough of that, they are to be THANKED, yes thanked and applauded, they are standing up and screaming at "No mandate Brown" for our petrol and diesel duty to be reduced.

In all the news today we are informed that the tax man has made over ONE BILLION POUNDS in extra revenue from the increase in oil prices. Thats extra monies we are being forced to pay to the revenues offices, money we can ill afford to waste in this harsh financial climate.

So please applaud the truckers, because if they win, we all benefit! Maybe its time we were all more like the Froggies and caused chaos whenever the government imposed its daft ideas upon us?

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Friday, May 23, 2008

and they still don't get it!!!

Well the by-election in Crewe and Nantwhich is over, and the liebour spin merchants are spouting total tosh, even the PM (my hand in your trousers) Brown has said that this is a clear instruction from the electorate to carry on and do his job!

Gordon you myopic fucker, listen, the reason you lost in Crewe is the town has had a massive influx of Polish immigrants, they cause problems in the town centre pubs and clubs. They have no idea of how to deal with the english birds, who might flirt and flash, but you better not touch! They do not like what their town has become and rather than face ridicule and being slighted as racist, they have done what they wanted to do, given you a pasting!

The people of Crewe have listened to your excuse that immigration is good for our economy, but towns like these have a massive drain on the local infrastructure and services, that the supposed £6 billion benefit immigration provides to the economy, simply does not cover costs incurred by these councils and service providers.

They see low paid jobs going to the poles and other EU immigrants, they walk through their own town, and hear foreign tongues that have no idea about the "English culture",you know the culture that your party wants to get rid of, because your embarrassed and you hate it!

Then there is the manifesto promise on a referendum that you broke, not for one minute did you understand that, the Labour strongholds in the North (the supposed backbone of the Labour party), have bloody good memories and can spot a liar a mile off, and they will in time get rid of you and your scottish mafia currently in charge. They know you have lied about the economy and they know you as chancellor have doubled taxation and introduced stealth taxes galore, they see themselves as under siege, and as such they have turned away from your party.

Your "understanding" of what the people are telling you, is seriously adrift from what they are saying, they don't want you gordon, and most of all they don't want a labour party headed by a scottish mafia.

If I thought you were an honourable man I would ask you to fall on your sword, but as we all know you are not honourable, so just shrivel up and die, you sad sack of shit!

Footnote and one final point, how can a party that is bankrupt be trusted with our money, when they have proved to be incompetent with their own finances?

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

State of the Nation...

Are we heading back to the dark ages? Has our progress throughout the years finally come so far that we are being dragged back into the past, when lawlessness was rife, and harm could come to any who strayed too far from the safety of their homes?

Because for those of us that live in inner cities and large towns, we are being denied the freedom of movement at night, with gangs of feral youths, of which the supposed fairer sex, are increasingly making larger numbers. Combined with their extreme violence that far outweighs the male members of these gangs.

Two weeks ago, as is my want, I went to the local hostelry for refreshment, as is usual on a friday night. An extremely pleasant evening was spent in good company, and a fair few pints were quaffed. At the end of the evening we leave en-masse and head for the bus stop, to catch the last bus back to our homes. This evening however things were to change, whilst waiting for the bus, a couple of teen girls swaggered by, and seeing us at the bus shelter, decided to have a laugh at our expense.

Now maybe a couple of the lads were silly, after all it seems ill-advised to actually try to communicate with these neanderthal dunderheads, and once the harridans from hell realised that whilst certainly we were a wee bit merry, our intelligence far exceeded their own, and in the ensuing "game of wordsmiths" they were severely out classed.

Now as a witness to these word fisticuffs, I had assumed it was just idle banter and the girls would walk away, but no! They took umbrage that we as mere middle aged men had the cheek, gall and sheer audacity, to show them up for fools.

They then screamed "peedo" at the lads who had talked to them, and before we knew it we were surrounded by about 15 to 20 baying youths of both sexes, up to the bus arriving and us starting to alight, it was all foul mouths and gesturing from them, until the last three got on the bus at which point the youths attacked, hitting a couple of the blokes. For no other reason than they were goaded into it by the girls of the gang.

They did attempt to slow or stop the bus, by running in front of it, but the driver who seemed to be an old hand at this game of chicken, just put his foot down and was heard by all near him to say " I don't do brakes for scum", which gained him some applause.

Have things really changed that much, has family life, education and society slumped to such depths, that these gangs really are in charge of our streets in the evening?


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

All Politicians are scumbags...

Hello diary, glad your still here when I feel the need to let of steam!

Life has a habit of grabbing you by the goolies when you least expect it, from simple building work, that should have taken weeks, to have extended to months. Plus one tradesman being chased to come and rectify his mistakes, which although minor do cause inconvenience, plus gets me a constant ear bashing from the missis! Cause as we all know its always our fault!

In my absence from actually writing down my thoughts and perceptions of our illustrious leaders and their lying shenanigans, loads has happened.

Liebour has been well and truly creamed in the local elections, losing well over 400 councillors their seats, and control of some councils...... as they say everything comes to he who waits.....mmmm wonder when I'll get to see milibrat and brown being pulled through with a christmas tree... ah well I live in hope.

Yet Mr Brown and his associated criminals in the Liebour party, will not see or maybe refuse to accept, that the majority of people have finally found out, what some of us new a while back! That they are nothing other than control freaks, who lie, cheat and steal our hard earned taxes to feather their own nests. They refuse to believe that people can now see through them, that we have had as a nation far too many, new starts, new deals, working groups, fact finding parties, ad nausiem! that boiled down to absolutely sweet fuck all, it hasn't worked and given the government can't even organise its own parties finances, why the fuck should we trust them with ours?

I actually enjoyed watching them squirm in the limelight of the media, as they and their policies were laid bare, the poor darlings looked shell shocked! Long may it continue.