Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This I did not believe!

Katy Newton has a very disturbing post on Devils Kitchen blog, about a newly married couple, please take the time to go and read.

If it was up to me, the bloke and the judge should be castrated. Honestly this guy, Mr Colin Read is an absolute tosser of the first water, words are not adequate to explain my disgust at this worthless piece of filth! He makes hoodies appear almost angelic!

It was nice to see that the Mail actually had the balls to print his picture, and get his firms name in the article as well, seems his comeuppance maybe much quicker than we think.

But as ever this falls directly at the feet of our "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime" Labour government, who as we are finding are not and have never been fit for purpose!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

EU Treaty the possibles...

I've been thinking, about this new treaty and what it does actually mean, to us brits, what can we expect from it:

"We are told that BRITAIN will lose its veto in 50 areas under the new EU treaty. Europe Minister Jim Murphy has told MPs. He said 13 of those will be protected under a special deal. But the remaining 37 involve critical areas.They include the loss of the veto over transport policy, energy, tourism, civil protection, space research, and commercial policy."

So if we take transport could this mean that an edict from Brussels could force us to comply with harmonisation of roads? Could the EU tell us to drive on the right and there would be nothing we could do about it, as the legislation would come from Brussels, and we have no say in the matter? Yes I am afraid that this is true, this could happen, it does not matter that our politicians tell us there is no way it could or would happen, just the simple fact that it is really possible should send shivers down your spine!

Another transport one, could this new treaty mean that we could be forced to change our roadsigns? well yes, we could be forced to display distances in kilometres not miles, and the massive cost would also have to be borne by us!

Does the loss of the Energy Veto mean that should Russia really stop supplying the EU with its gas and oil, that the EU could claim the North Sea Fields as community property? Well yes again it means exactly that. We would of course not be able to claim compensation nor set a tariff ourselves, that would of course be set by our masters in the EU. Now I know that I am being overly simplistic, but the past has shown that no matter how laws are written, unless everything is spelt out, anything is possible!

Given that the wind turbines, the really small ones you can have on your house, don't actually work or provide enough energy to warrant the cost, could the EU force every householder to pay for one? Yes you got it they can! One can also assume that in the long term they could legislate about how many times a week we drive our cars, all in the name of global warming etc etc.

Could they legislate about our tourism, well yes, they could also make it extremely difficult to holiday outside of the EU, all this and more is possible, just think of a freedom that we currently enjoy, then work out how the EU could fuck it up for us, again without our say so.

Am I using scare tactics, possibly but the way that the EU has taken or stolen competences then later given itself legislation to cover its theft, possibly speaks volumes of its future intent. Which to me is the complete subservience to the state of every person within the EU. Of course our ability to get rid of our politicians every four or five years would be pointless, after all they would not be able to stop any of these new laws anymore than they could stop the tide.

Are my above comments all possible or even probable, I don't know, I only think they are possible. It worries me that no parliament can bind its successor, yet the 1972 Act of Accession does exactly this!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

'Urgency needed' on knife crime

There must be greater urgency behind the fight to tackle knife crime and anti-social behaviour, the innovation, universities and skills secretary says.
"The knife crime we have seen recently and some of the drunken behavior - we are not where we need to be on those issues," John Denham told BBC News.

When have any of the politicians of any party been on track? Not one of you know what its like in the inner cities, as soon as you get elected you move out, if, I say again if, you have ever even lived in the constituency your supposed to represent!

Mr Denham pointed to "powerful new legislation" to fight the problem.

As ever, its not working try more and more laws, that will not work as you simply do not have the Police manpower available, all this spouted time and time again about “policing and more officers in real terms since we took power” etc etc, we know is just absolute crap, you’re a lying sack of fucktards!

Mr Denham said there were deeper problems underlying the rise in street violence, and perseverance was essential.

Lets see, feral youths running amok, where is the new plastic copper, you know the PCSO's, oops they're hiding as they might get hurt! So why not get the real Police on the streets, not the PCSO’s, Forget the pc brigade, give us our schools and streets back! The “gangs” and trouble causers know they are virtually invincible, because they have no fear! Follow the example of New York and adopt a Zero Tolerance Policy, you know just like the one you have against motorists!

He said: "Where there are underlying problems, like the acceptance of gang culture among young people, knife carrying or too-readily-available alcohol to young people, we have got to carry on until we have beaten the problem.

By passing more and more useless laws, that will not work but only add another layer of targets for Police to aim at. But there again show me one "feral youth" who would have a knife fight whilst pissed, and you know what, I'll eat my fucking hat, it just does not happen, pissed + knife = DEAD!!! As usual a fucktard politician trying to tie two problems together, to support the incoming increase of tax on drink!
We have very powerful new legislation in place for the police to use to tackle these problems."
Yawn, it WILL NOT WORK!! Listen for a change, hows about you Get off your fucking fat arses and try going out with the police, with the fire service and ambulance personnel. See at first hand what its really like out there! Not just for a day or two, spend a month doing their shifts, watch them cope, then ruminate on their pathetic salary and weigh it up against your own! Then ask yourself if you deserve what you get? Listen and learn fuckwit!! We have enough laws as it is, bloody well use them!!! WE DON'T NEED MORE!!!

Mr Denham added that he was very concerned "about the heavy, heavy promotion of discounted alcohol and the culture that goes around that".

The idiots will get pissed, and adding to the price will not deter them, but loads of Police on the streets just might! But why should prices of beer increase so everyone is punished for the sins of the few, how can this be fair ? Mind you if the A level exam results are as good as they are reported to be, maybe just maybe, the kids can't see any point in not being pissed all the time, as this government have fucked this country up as well as every ones life and liberty.

"I personally - not as a minister I've got to say, but personally, as somebody who looked at these issues in the past - hope that that's something we're going to look at in the future."

Bloody hell don’t tell me yet another working party or delaying tactic that you took part in, but then never mind, the problem isn’t really in your back yard is it? Plus the increase in booze revenue will help boost your pensions.

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: "It took two years for the government to wake up to the massive explosion in knife crime and concede to Conservative calls for an increase in the penalty for carrying knives.
You say this like the problem never existed, look into the history of the country, you only really need to go back to the 50’ and 60’s, to learn about knife crime!

"The government owes it to the public to take a grip of drink, drugs, and the broken homes that have spawned this plague on modern Britain."
Now come on, surely your party has also to share the burden of blame. After all you signed up to the pc crusade!

The director of the Victims of Crime Trust, Norman Brennan, said he believed there was now "a national crisis with knife crime".

If youths are going meeting friends in inner cities were they know there are gangs who carry knives, are they not going to carry a knife as protection? Could it possibly be that as the Police no longer guard the streets, youths who are not in a gang, knowing that gang members do carry knives, take them as a form of self protection. Did we as a nation not hand over our right to bear arms, to the government who promised to police and protect us? If the Police can no longer do their allotted task, then we do have the right to bear arms, it is a basic common law right to be able to defend yourself!

Mr Brennan suggested three ways to tackle the problem.

Fuck me only three!!! Must be a busy week coming up if he can only think of three!

He said there should be mandatory five-year sentences for carrying a knife, mass stop-and-searches and the introduction of national or community service.

Funny but does five years mean five years or really mean eighteen months after time off? If you say five years then fucking well mean it!! Oops sorry forgot there is no room in our prisons, apart from old ladies who can’t / wont pay their council tax is there? Well the mass stop and search will infuriate the Asians/muslims as well as the afro caribean as well as the blacks or whatever were supposed to call them now! So we know that will never happen, not in this pc era.

"And police should take community leaders with them so they can see the feral youngsters who are roaming our streets.

Fuck community leaders, get you sorry arsed politicians off your collective fat arses and down on the streets for a month, (I mean July to October you do fuck all anyway!) see how the other half live. See how many times you literally shit yourself walking to the chippy or to the local pub, then you might actually do something rather than pontificate about it!

"We need to introduce something to occupy the disenfranchised young people. Whether that is national service or mandatory community-based work, it would help."

I agree, how about getting them real jobs for a start, none of the McJobs, real jobs on a decent wage! With regards the Army would they want them? really? now would they, after all they know their yuman rights don’t they! No nasty NCO would be permitted to shout at them, and if they had to go to Iraq, why they would run away!!! So what is the point, your trying to sound like a normal person now aint you? Now if you meant borstal, then right bring it on, I am up for the fuckers taking it up the arse in the greenhouse, or even the cells. Make them frightened of it, and bingo crime rate halved. Apart from the fact that I bet you wouldn't have the thieving little fuckers in your area doing community work would you? Bloody hell it would scare the horses and alarm the womenfolk!!!!!

You have my permission to go and kill yourself you slimy fuckwit!


Friday, August 17, 2007

Landlord faces trial in Smoking Case...

A BLACKPOOL pub owner accused of flouting the new ban on smoking in public places has made his second appearance in court.

Hugh Howitt, 55, known as Hamish and boss of the Happy Scots Bar on Rigby Road, previously pleaded not guilty to 12 offences of failing to prevent smoking in a smoke free premises. The prosecution - the first of its kind in England since smoking was banned in all enclosed public spaces in the UK - is being brought by Blackpool Council under the Heath Act 2006. Howitt's wife, son and bar manager all pleaded not guilty to charges against them of failing to prevent smoking. His wife Joanne, 41, denied one offence, son Hugh,37, and bar manager Warren Thompson, 25, both denied two offences. All the offences are said to have taken place between July 1 and July 27 . The case was adjourned by Blackpool magistrates to September 5 to fix a trial date.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Drinking Attacked again....

I have said it often enough before, but people who are in positions of implementing the law and in day to day charge of the Police, should if they wish to change the law become politicians, not pontificate from their ivory towers.

The Chief Constable of Cheshire, Peter Fahy has been quoted in the Telegraph, as once again asking for more powers, increasing the legal age to buy alcohol from 18 to 21 and a blanket ban on drinking on the streets apart from accepted areas.

This is because of a Home Office statistic which concludes that the instances of binge drinking are on the increase. Which is in turn leading to an increase of drunken loutish behaviour, Mr Fahy says;
the fact that many of them are drunk causes them to become more aggressive and less willing to accept adult or even police admonishment.

This of course could have nothing at all to do with the fact that, as stated elsewhere
in the article;
There has been an avalanche of new laws to deal with anti-social behaviour. The police have powers to impose curfews, local authorities can designate areas as
non-alcoholic zones, with on-the-spot penalties. From next week, police will
have a new power to disperse teenagers from a specified area.

Or the simple fact that once again people are being pissed off with being told what to do, by a Police force that does not protect us. A Police Force that doesn't really know what it is anymore! When they gave up policing the roads to inanimate speed cameras, walking the beat to driving around in cars, then the short step to policing via CCTV cameras. Where are the real coppers, the real policemen, we see more and more PCSO's out and about in our town centres, albeit only during daylight hours. But a PCSO who has only five weeks training cannot do the job of a real policeman, simply because people do not trust them, they know its policing on the cheap!

The real Police Officers are stuck in the station dealing with government targets, ticking boxes and filling out reams of forms, for 90% of their shift. Whilst the 16 year old PCSO's with 5 weeks training try and cope on the streets! The laws we had we more than adequate for the job, yet they were not utilised effectively.

Why don't the political classes try working with the real police for a month or two, stay away from the wankers in charge who have never done a days policing in their lives. You know the ones like Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, who wouldn't know how to arrest a pisshead or druggie without getting his arsehole shafted or having to replace his underwear or trousers!

You know, like when parliament is closed during summer recess, instead of fucking off abroad, get to a local police station, and follow the front line staff for a mnonth. See how long promoting fuckwits like Mr Fahy, (who espouses the governments line day in and day out, without understanding or passing on the reality of the situation), would last

Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby Police?

I can't say I'm really surprised by this story about the Police Authority in Thames Valley employing two 16 year olds as PCSO's (Police Community Support Officers).

Apart from a fear of funding which has forced Thames Valley into this possibly unwise direction, it beggars belief that these kids, for that is what they are, would receive any respect from the members of the public.

They are unable to buy alcohol, yet can supposedly take drinks off people, as of the 1st October they cannot buy cigarettes, but will be expected to help enforce the smoking ban. They do not have a driving licence but are expected to Police the streets and deal with parking offences.

Lets face it, they have zero life experience, they know nothing other than school life and possibly how to skive lessons. What experience can they offer or bring to the job?

The real Police Officers do have some modicum of common sense, they are able to asses the situations that arise, they have an ability to step aside, to be impartial, can you honestly say you believe a 16 year old would have that ability? FFS my 23 year old son would have difficulty, not because of his intelligence but because he just doesn't have the life experiences needed to help do the job. How are they going to cope with a domestic argument in the street or any argument taking place outside a pub, how can they be expected to deal with drunks, drug dealers, petty thieves, who one can bet would eat them for breakfast. How are they going to be able to detain a thirty year old football hooligan?

I can see these kids, getting wound up by the kids they went to school with, tormented, taunted and having the piss taken out of them. They do not have the maturity to let it flow as water of a ducks back. So many problems they could and would cause, situations they would worsen by their inability to understand or be impartial. So many dangers that they would have to face simply because they do not have the social skills or basic awareness to be able to cover themselves.

As I understand it any one under 18 cannot be a witness to any legal document, so how can they issue fixed penalty notices? Would this not open a loop hole for people to get out of paying the fines? How would a court view their testimony against a normal upstanding person of the borough? Who would a magistrate believe a snotty 16 year old, who has had 5 weeks training in aspects of the law and Policing, (who would no doubt be bent over and fucked most royally by any decent solicitor) or a usually upstanding member of the community?

Any tickets issued by these kids would be subject to question at each and every opportunity, and ultimately would lessen and cheapen the "role of the Police", in our communities.

This should have been a non starter right from the offset and the fuckwit who actually employed the kids should be horsewhipped.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

IPCC Report is out

For those of us able to string two sentences together, and able to look on the Internet for information. The IPCC report has vindicated what most of us thought, that the Police mislead (Fucking lied) the media about the fatal murder of Mr Jean Charles de Menezes.

Having read at the time on the News websites and more specifically the BBC's Have Your Say, I came to the conclusion earlier on that something had gone tragically wrong, the issued Police Statements did not confirm what eye witnesses were telling reporters.

From November 2005 until March 2006 the Police were slow at handing to the IPCC documents for their investigation, whilst this in itself does not constitute a cover up, it certainly hints at one. Any government body under investigation seems to have the ability to deny access or be extremely slow at producing documents, yet let a private company try and it and they are lambasted from pillar to post. Not only that but during the investigation the IPCC was threatened with court action by some of the serving officers, with I might add the full backing of the Metropolitan Police! Which in my opinion goes to show that serving Police Officers seem to have nothing but contempt for the IPCC.

Some of the facts that came out in the Context of the Investigation were as follows:

Jean Charles de Menezes wore summer clothing
Jean Charles de Menezes did not run at any time
Jean Charles de Menezes did not know he was being pursued by the Police
Jean Charles de Menezes did not struggle with Police
Jean Charles de Menezes did not refuse to obey Police Instructions
Jean Charles de Menezes was not challenged by Police

The IPCC stated " The Police knowingly issued misleading and inaccurate information about the shooting." and went on to say "Jean Charles de Menezes did nothing out of the ordinary and there was no action he could have taken to save himself"

The murder of Jean Charles de Menezes, for that is ultimately what it was, is entirely in my opinion due to the knee jerk reaction of the Government, permitting the Metropolitan Police to operate under a "Shoot to Kill" policy for suspected terrorists.

In questions prior to the IPCC investigation starting, a journalist asked if CCTV footage was available that showed what happened to the then alleged terrorist suspect, he was told that film was not available as the cameras were not working at that time.

Yet the IPCC were shown CCTV footage during their investigation, which clearly showed Mr De Menezes did nothing wrong. I wonder if the footage showing the actual shooting was made available or if it mysteriously disappeared.

Sir Ian Blair, Police Commissioner came under some flack from the IPCC, but they could find no evidence that he deliberately misled the media and public, in interviews. They went on to state that senior members of the of the Metropolitan Police Management Team had made serious errors in the way that information was passed to the Commissioner and subsequently to the Press.

Whilst not quite the ringing endorsement that Ian Blair wanted, as it does raise questions about his ability to lead, it at the moment means he gets to keep his job. But as every ex squaddie will know, at the end of the day, Blair is just a Rupert, a face that can toe the party line, without whom the government would be deeper in the shit!

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