Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fingerprinting Kids, Sleazy BLiar goes too FAR!!

In 3,500 primary schools across the UK, impressionable children aged from 5 to 11 are being fingerprinted. 3/4 of a million have already been processed, and 20 schools a week are joining the scheme. If you're a parent, your school could be next. But even if you're not, is this really the kind of society we want to live in?

The whole process may be illegal. We haven't found a single parent who was ever asked for their permission. Many were not even informed until afterwards. Some parents only found out when they asked their children "what did you do at school today?"

But at our school, in Cambridge, concerned parents decided to do something about the multi-million pound business of fingerprinting 5-year-olds without asking permission.

To find out what happened, and how you can help us, please visit

Your child could be next.

Why does it all matter? Because a PIN number or library card is something you have - they can easily be replaced - a fingerprint is something you are - it's yours for life.

For some reason, this story hasn't been splashed across the front pages of the newspapers, or featured prominently on the TV news. Please help us to spread the word so as many people as possible find out what's going on. It's the only way we're going to get this stopped.

Reproduced without permission, but what the hell Spread the word People!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

On A Good Note....

I would like you all to meet a new addition to my family, RJ or to give him his sunday name Riley James. He was born Sunday 20th August at 11.34 am.

He is the reason this world has got to get better, because he has just made my world better with his arrival.

Welcome son xxxx

Who are the BAD GUYS?

... I'm begining to think I really don't know anymore.

Everything is turning to shit!!

We have a US President who stole his 1st election and should'nt have been in power, then when he is elected. He decides to make war with Iraq, for what reason, well surprise surprise, even the US press are now begining to accept its all over OIL!!.....

and our lot are just as bad... Tony B Liar, and his associate cronies are tinkering with our rights, that have been hard won over many many centuries, all in the belief that it will stop the so called terrorists!!! Yeah like thats really going to happen! I mean lets face it in reality about 3000 people die each year in car accidents, another 3000 die each month through smoking related diseases, another 3000 die each year in accidents in the home!! Fer fuck sake we are killing ourselves quicker than the terrorist are...

You have more chance of being run over by a joy rider, than by being blown up by a terrorist. More chance of falling downstairs and breaking you neck than being posioned by Ricin or anthrax.

So why all the big scaremongering tactics by the Government, why the need to curtail our freedoms? Why the need to know who we are, where we go, how we spend our money, what sites we visit on the internet, how much we have in our bank accounts, what our houses are worth, what home improvements we have made?

Was Jean Charles de Menezes a "bad guy"? Were all those people they arrested for the Ricin plot and subsequently released? Were those two brothers arrested in the Forest Gate raid, one of whom was shot,and now still not charged? (But certainly being smeared with a child porn allegation, just to justify it) Are all the supposed terrorists being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, are they really the bad guys?

I just dont believe a word that the press and the government tell me, every editorial, every news item, makes me feel, yeah right... sounds like bullshit to me!!

The 24 people arrested over the alleged liquid bomb plot? Will they ever be charged? Why are the UK Police and intelligence services distancing themselves from from it, stating that the US wanted them arrested, but they (UK Police etc) wanted to wait and get more evidence.

Everytime "Poodle Blair" or Chimp-Boy (Bush) feel threatened, they trot these ridiculous stories out on CNN and the BBC. The terrorists are yours and my governments, don't be fooled!

An answer would be shoot them all!!!!