Sunday, June 29, 2008

EU Laws... do we have to follow them?

Now don't get me wrong I can see the reason for some, but not all our laws.

But given that the EU, is ignoring one of its own Laws, that the Lisbon Treaty has to be ratified by all 27 countries to come into effect. Should we obey the Laws made by the EU, after all if they cannot follow their own regulations, why the fuck should we?

We know that the Irish (god love them, and we should thank them) rejected the Treaty, we also know that the Political Shits that run the EU, have stated that its business as usual and ordered that ratification continues in all the other countries.

We know that No mandate Brown, the Scottish myopic bottler, has rushed through the British ratification, even knowing that some 80% of the population want a referendum on the EU.

Most of the Irish I have spoken to state that as they couldn't understand what the treaty meant because it was incomprehensible, they voted No because to vote Yes, without knowing exactly what they would be voting yes for, was stupid and a risk they were not willing to take!

They understood enough to know if they got the No vote wrong, they could/would get another opportunity to change it, however if they voted Yes whilst not fully understanding what they were signing away, they would not ever get or be given another opportunity!

Some of the EU high ranking people have stated that it is an affront that Ireland a country that represents only 0.7% of the 490 million European peoples, could hold up ratification, that such a small country could impose its will on 490 million people!

Now the EU commissioners, the EU civil service and all the political shits from all the EU countries DO NOT Make up such a large number as the Irish people, so why should they who must represent less than 0.01% of the 490 million people, decide what is best for us all?

This being the case, just who the fuck are they and why should I follow their laws, whether rubber stamped by our traitorous government or not, I don't believe I have any reason to follow the EU rules, I never signed up, was never asked, and I believe its absolutely no form of democracy at all.

After all how can an EU that is supposed to be democratic, refuse its citizens the right to a referendum on the EU's existence, could it be they know full well that the EU would be given a resounding NO! Just as the french the Dutch and now the Irish have done!!

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