Wednesday, May 28, 2008

HURRAH for the Truckers....

Now I understand that for many people, truck drivers and their wagons are the bane of the road. They do have a tendency to slow down traffic and belch fumes everywhere, they are large and noisy, and seem at times to give everyone the impression that they rule the roads!

My impressions are the same, but enough of that, they are to be THANKED, yes thanked and applauded, they are standing up and screaming at "No mandate Brown" for our petrol and diesel duty to be reduced.

In all the news today we are informed that the tax man has made over ONE BILLION POUNDS in extra revenue from the increase in oil prices. Thats extra monies we are being forced to pay to the revenues offices, money we can ill afford to waste in this harsh financial climate.

So please applaud the truckers, because if they win, we all benefit! Maybe its time we were all more like the Froggies and caused chaos whenever the government imposed its daft ideas upon us?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

right behind you mate 100%

10:07 pm  

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